Chicago Mafia profiting from public school and city construction contracts

August 17th 2011 | Posted by UnderBoss


The Chicago Mafia known as “The Outfit” still making money off the tax paying citizens in the windy city. Construction season for Chicago Public Schools is in full swing and it seems the Chicago mafia has its piece of the pie. Dumpsters from one of the cities most visible mob connected companies D and P Construction have been spotted on multiple school yard locations and also at a large harbor construction project being run by the Chicago Park District and Public Building Commission. Seems like millions of dollars of tax payers money is being spent by suburban governments in the city as reported by the Better Government Association and Fox Chicago News.

D and P Construction on paper is owned by Josephine DiFronzo but when Fox Chicago News decided to keep an eye on the Construction companies office in Melrose Park Josephine was never seen. Instead seen coming and going was her husband Peter DiFronzo his brother Joseph DiFronzo and their older brother John “No-Nose” DiFronzo. Peter DiFronzo is reputedly a made man in the Chicago Mafia and his brother Joseph recently served time for running a large pot-growing operation. John “No-Nose” DiFronzo has been indetified by many as the current boss of the Chicago Mafia.

The Illinois Gaming Board denied a license for a casino in Rosemont ten years ago because dumpsters from D and P Construction showed up on the purposed building site and questions its links to members of organized crime. And with all that public scrutiny the dumpsters from D and P Construction continue to pop up on at school construction sites across the city. But a contractor when asked about D and P said they use the company because they provide good service at a competitive price. A spokesperson for the Chicago Public Schools said they do have a list of companies that are barred from use but D and P does not appear on that list because they have never been convicted of any crimes.

But some in Chicago feel that it is important for the city to get the best deal and use the lowest bidder for these contracts it is more important to consider the ethics of using tax payers money to pay companies with known links to organized crime.



Mob-Connected Company Working at CPS: FOX Chicago, BGA Investigation:

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