Colombo family Consigliere Fusco tried to shake down Gambino family

September 30th 2011 | Posted by UnderBoss


Richard Fusco the reputed consigliere of the Colombo crime family pleaded guilty on Thursday for his part in a scheme to shake down the rival Gambino crime family. Fusco was looking for the Gambino family to pay for medical expenses and more for the stabbing of a Colombo associate. Walter Samperi was stabbed in May of 2010 by a thug who was affiliated with the Gambino’s and Fusco believed that the Gambino’s owed Samperi and the Colombo’s for the offense.


“Richard Fusco”


Fusco met with the Colombo family captains on Staten Island to talk about how to proceed after the altercation took place. Fusco and the Colombo family wanted payment of $150,00 from the Gambino family $100,000 of which would come from the Gambinos cut of the 18th Avenue Feast in Bensonhurst. Fusco admitted that there was an implied threat of possible retaliation if payment was not made and he did nothing to dispel it.  What Fusco was not aware of at the time was that Colombo turncoat Paul Bevacqua was wearing a wire and secretly taping the meeting.

Fusco is hoping to get some time shaved off his projected sentence of 18-24 months but is not helping his case with his courtroom antics. Fusco was admonished by a court room clerk after making a nasty remark about the prosecutor. Fusco was angry because the prosecutor refused to consent to removing his electronic monitoring device he was ordered to wear.



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