Ex Philly Mob boss turned rat Natale looking to write tell all book

September 2nd 2011 | Posted by UnderBoss


Former Philadelphia mafia boss Ralph Natale has always been known as a talker and seems things have not changed. Back in 1999 the then Philly mob boss turned rat and testified against his mob underlings and was dubbed “King Rat“. It was then believed Natale was the first sitting mafia boss in America to turn rat and testify against his own family. His testimony was long winded and included mafia murders , control of unions, and many la cosa nostra customs. Now it seems Natale wants to keep on talking and has written his tell-all memoir’s which he is looking to turn into a book.


“Ralph Natale”

Natale has reportedly been released now that his eleven years sentence for racketeering and drug trafficking has been completed but his whereabouts are unknown being in the witness protection program. A portion of a rough draft of Natale’s book was obtained by the Daily News and he has covered quite a bit of territory as far back as his childhood to the mob’s push in Atlantic City gambling. But all this yapping by Natale could very well get him into even more hot water with authorities.

Natale talks in his memoir’s about murders he committed while he was in the mafia and how his testimony against Philly mobster Joseph “Skinny Joey” Merlino and others was exaggerated. When Natale cut his deal with the feds he was ordered to admit to all crimes he committed and ultimately admitted to being part of eight murders , loan sharking, extortion , and four attempted murders. Now in his memoir’s Natale talks about a alleged meeting between then Philly mob boss Angelo Bruno and Gambino crime family boss Carlo Gambino at a pastry shop in New York where Bruno discussed Natale’s pension as a killer and murders he had done for the boss. Now there is only one problem if those killings that Bruno spoke of actually happened they would predate those that Natale previously admitted to when he flipped as part of his 2000 plea deal. With no statue of limitations on murder Natale could very well land himself into a unwanted scenario.

But many feel that Natale’s testimony and now his memoir’s are simply not very credible. Mafia experts say that even though Natale held the title of boss in the Philly mafia he was never actually running things but was more or less a puppet for Joey Merlino and his crew who ran things behind the scenes. Many think Natale was kept in the dark as to what was really happening on the street and feed misinformation most of the time by his underlings which made his court testimony very questionable and these memoir’s maybe even more questionable.



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