FDNY firefighter caught for drug trafficking linked to Bonanno family

September 1st 2011 | Posted by UnderBoss


Brooklyn firefighter Anthony Cilento who was recently busted for drug trafficking has now been linked to the Bonanno crime family. Cilento has been fingered by the feds as muscle for a drug running crew and say he managed to hide his ties to the underworld from FDNY screeners who allowed him to enter the Fire Academy claim sources. Feds claim Cilento was deeply involved in various drug trafficking aspects from 2002-2009 and is known as a violent individual.



Sources claim that Cilento was a member of a crew ran by Anthony “Little Anthony” Seccafico a Bonanno family mobster. Seccafico was gunned down at a bus stop in Staten Island in a gangland style hit. There has yet to be anyone charged with the murder but sources said it remains under investigation. Also no links have been made between the Seccafico murder and the drug trafficking crew that Cilento reputedly ran with. U.S. Attorney Nicole Argentieri revealed what he called a “very close relationship” between Cilento and Seccafico at Cilento’s bail hearing.

Sources say that after joining the FDNY a alleged visit was made by Cilento to a co-conspirator in jail and told him to do the right thing and keep his mouth shut which was taken as a threat by the co-conspirator. A retired NYPD cop John Awento has also been charged by the feds as a co-conspirator of the drug crew. But Arthur Aidala lawyer for Awento had denied his client even knows Cilento.

These revelations of Cilento’s past and underworld ties and how they got passed the FDNY screeners comes at a time when a special monitor over the department is being considered by a federal judge.



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