Feds claim DeLeo was Colombo Family street boss in Somerville

August 14th 2011 | Posted by UnderBoss


Feds say that accused Colombo crime family mobster Ralph Francis DeLeo was the street boss for the family in Massachusetts. The 68 year old mobster along with other members were part of what court documents have labeled the “DeLeo Crew” which are accused of various crimes such as drug trafficking , loan sharking , racketeering , and extortion in multiple states. Feds say that DeLeo lead the crew and used it to keep his high ranking with in the Colombo crime family. DeLeo indicted in 2009 appeared in court in shackles , black and white sneakers, and a khaki jumpsuit.

“Ralph Francis DeLeo”

DeLeo and members of his crew were busted after the FBI was able to record phone conversations between him and his associate George Wylie Thompson via a wiretap about the smuggling of drugs from Massachusetts to Arkansas according to court documents. After an alleged drug runner for the criminal organization was caught with cocaine during a traffic stop DeLeo and his cohorts were arrested.

DeLeo in his court appearance pleaded not guilty to all charges and will remain in jail with out bail. DeLeo though his public defender told the Judge he was having issues of ongoing medical treatments that are not totally resolved and he was having problems being able to make legal calls and it was becoming a serious problem. DeLeo is now expected to be back in court again on September 14th.


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