Gambino mobster Melia gets plea deal before trial begins

September 20th 2011 | Posted by UnderBoss


Reputed Gambino crime family associate Nicola “Nick” Melia agreed to a plea deal just moments before he was set to go on trial for extortion charges. The Stamford loan shark was arrested back in March and was indicted by a federal grand jury on multiple counts of extortion and possession of a firearm. Melia has a long line of convictions on his record for charges ranging from tax evasion , loan sharking, to racketeering and this latest plea just adds to the list. Melia pleaded guilty to possession of firearm ammo as a convicted felon and single counts of using violent threats to collect high interest loans. Melia also agreed to forfeit up to $253,000 in personal assets as part of his plea deal.


“Nick Melia”


Melia had several conversations recorded by a cooperating witness with in the last year where he allegedly made violent threats of having Bonanno crime family associates hurt the witness if he didn’t come up with past due loan payments. Allegedly Melia at one point told the witness he had Bonanno family associates would even go into the house and kill people. The witness in the case began cooperating with authorities after he was brutally assaulted by Melia’s son, Phillip, using a metal wrench for helping plan a home invasion to steal cash and jewels from Melia’s residence. The witness had taken several loans from Melia to pay for construction business cost but most of the money ended up being spent on casino trips and the witness’s drug problem and because of this he began missing interest payments which lead to the violent incident.

Melia was arrested in 2004 as part of an organized crime probe run by the Stamford police and FBI which netted several suspects in loan sharking operations. Among those arrested in the probe was Anthony “The Genius” Megale who the feds described as a high ranking member of the Gambino crime family. During the trial authorities claimed that Melia collected debts for Megale and the Gambino family as an associate. In 2006 Melia was convicted of racketeering charges and sentenced to 33 months in prison and was again linked to the Gambino family.



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