Los Angeles mobster Caci dies at 86

September 6th 2011 | Posted by UnderBoss


Reputed mobster Vincent “Jimmy” Caci has passed away. Caci was known by authorities as a tough mobster specializing in loan sharking and shake down schemes beginning in Buffalo , then Las Vegas and ending in Los Angeles. Caci was known by his associates as one of the toughest mobsters to come out of the Buffalo underworld. Caci was 86 years old and died in Palm Springs and had a quiet low key burial in Holy Sepulchre Cemetary. A much quieter send off for a man who once rubbed elbows with entertainers , high profile mobsters, and was involved in many high profile investigations.


“Jimmy Caci”


Caci became involved with the Buffalo Mafia and began his carrer as a mobster in schemes attempting to take over vending machine companies in New York. In 1972 Caci was got three years in prison for his part in a plot to blow up a vending machine companies in which mob figures were attempting to take over. While serving time for his previous case Caci was put on trial for trying to shakedown Binghamton vending machine operator but was acquitted. After a couple more run ins with the law in Buffalo Caci decided to move out west.

Caci went on to become a feared mob leader in Las Vegas , Palm Springs, and Los Angeles and his criminal career began to blossom. Authorities claim that a number of mobsters from Buffalo went on to obtain high ranking positions after moving to California and Nevada and Caci was one of them. Caci was part of a highly publicized mob probe in California in 1988 and was sentenced to a year in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy with one if co-defendants in the case being then alleged LA mob boss Peter Milano. Then after being sentenced to 46 months in prison in 1996 for telemarketing fraud the California Attorney Generals office listed Caci in its annual organized crime report saying “Caci’s imprisonment left an organized crime leadership void in the Palm Springs area , with no one stepping up to take his place”. Then in 1998 federal prosecutors hit Caci with a racketeering indictment connecting Caci with efforts by Buffalo and LA mobsters to take over mafia operations in Las Vegas but Caci was never convicted.

A former Buffalo mafia associate and FBI witness Ronald M. Fino said that guys like Caci are part of a dying breed. He said that there are only a few left of the guys who ran things in the Buffalo mob back in the 60′s. Buffalo businessman who knew Caci for years said he Jimmy was a stand up guy who was in and out of prison all his life and never ratted on anyone. Caci to the end denied any ties to Mafia saying that when he talked it may have given some the impression that he was a wiseguy but it wasn’t true. Caci said im not a criminal or a gangsters , im not a Mafia guy.



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