Mob associates no longer thrive to become made men

November 1st 2011 | Posted by UnderBoss


It was once the goal of every ambitious mobster becoming a “made man” in a Mafia family but is it now a honor they can live without. An offer to become a made member of the Mafia in the past was not to be refused but authorities claim those days are long gone. Many lower ranking Mafiosi are now saying no thanks to being made members of the mob which was once unthinkable. With more aggressive pressure from the feds and rats lurking around every corner becoming a made man has become less appealing. Now associates believe that becoming a made man or soldier in a mob family means they become a bigger target for the feds and may make less money authorities claim.

Getting your button mafia lingo for being made or inducted into a mafia family puts you on the radar and is like putting an “X” on your chest says a law enforcement source. Also many mob associates who run lucrative businesses believe they make more money if they aren’t made men because made mob members have to kick up a percentage of their earnings to mob family leaders so remaining an associate keeps you more independent. This is a far cry from the mafia heyday in the 1970′s when turning down an offer to become a made mafia member would be like signing your own death warrant. But today’s mob leadership in most circumstances accept and understand ones reasoning for turning down the honor of becoming a made man.


“Joseph Petillo”


A well respected and longtime Colombo family associate Joseph Petillo recently declined an offer from the Colombo family to become a made man as detailed by Brooklyn federal prosecutors. The Colombo’s believed that Petillo would of been a valued addition to the family because of his prior history, but Petillo turned down the offer of membership said Liz Geddes US Attorney General said to federal judge. Sources said that many other associates have made similar decisions among the other crime families like the Gambino and Bonanno. And many have declined with out any repercussions like Francis “B.F.” Guerra who also declined an offer from the Colombo family to become a made man , he had enough standing within the mob community like many associates to make such a decision.

Experts say that making the decision to stay an associate and not becoming a made member of the mafia is a clever move that could help a mobster side step possible charges under the RICO act. The RICO act requires prosecutors to prove membership by a mobster in a criminal enterprise and becoming a mafia soldier in the eyes of the Justice Department automatically involves the mobster in a RICO conspiracy. But it is much more challenging to prove an associate was involved in a RICO conspiracy.


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