Ndrangheta Mafia have linked up with Mexican drug cartel

August 15th 2011 | Posted by UnderBoss


The ‘Ndrangheta or Calabrian Mafia a major player in the international drug trade has now allied itself with the powerful Mexican drug cartel known as Los Zetas. The Ndrangheta is one of Italy’s most powerful mafia groups running various criminal enterprises with the drug trade being one of its major money makers. The links between the Ndrangeta and the Los Zetas drug cartel in Mexico have grown stronger over the last few years. The Calabrian mafia has seen its power base grow and have become more powerful then its counter part the Sicilian Mafia in Italy.

These links between the ‘Ndrangheta and the Los Zetas cartel were first discovered back in 2008 when an investigation called “Operation Solare” or “Project Reckoning” was launched and discovered the sophisticated network between the two organizations. Authorities from Italy, U.S., Mexico, and Guatemala worked together in the investigation which resulted in millions of dollars of cash being seized. The investigation was the basis for a Mexican book called “Contacto En Italia” written by Cynthia Rodriguez a Mexican journalist.

The Ndrangheta are now the main importer of cocaine to the European drug market which is worth an estimated $34 billion dollars a year. This quick growing market has forced the Ndrangheta to go out and look for more cocaine and the Zetas seem to have filled the void. The Calabrian mafias willingness to link itself to  other criminal organizations has allowed them to grow as an international power and maintain their status with in the global drug trade.


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