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Ex Philly Mob boss turned rat Natale looking to write tell all book

  Former Philadelphia mafia boss Ralph Natale has always been known as a talker and seems things have not changed. Back in 1999 the then Philly mob boss turned rat and testified against his mob underlings and was dubbed "King Rat". It was then believed Natale was the first sitting mafia boss in America to turn rat and testify against his [...]

FDNY firefighter caught for drug trafficking linked to Bonanno family

  Brooklyn firefighter Anthony Cilento who was recently busted for drug trafficking has now been linked to the Bonanno crime family. Cilento has been fingered by the feds as muscle for a drug running crew and say he managed to hide his ties to the underworld from FDNY screeners who allowed him to enter the Fire Academy claim sources. Feds [...]

Mafia informant Rossetti went to FBI for protection

  New England Mafia captain Mark Rossetti who has now been exposed as a  FBI informant asked for protection from a state investigation. Last October the Massachusetts Attorney General charged Rossetti with running a crew of 30 members involved in loan sharking, gambling , and drug trafficking. The mobster is also a suspect in six murders [...]

Feds claim DeLeo was Colombo Family street boss in Somerville

  Feds say that accused Colombo crime family mobster Ralph Francis DeLeo was the street boss for the family in Massachusetts. The 68 year old mobster along with other members were part of what court documents have labeled the "DeLeo Crew" which are accused of various crimes such as drug trafficking , loan sharking , racketeering , and [...]

New England Mafia Capo Rossetti was FBI informant

  Mark Rossetti a reputed capo in the New England mafia who was indicted last year on charges of gambling, drug trafficking, loan sharking, and running a sprawling criminal enterprise was also an FBI informant according to court documents. Two lower level associates involved in Rossetti's criminal enterprise who are court for their own [...]
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